A New Years Plan to Follow

I know. January is just about over and here I am writing to you about a plan you should follow in the new year. Why? Because your best intentioned “resolution” isn’t going to work. I know. So pessimistic of me. Couldn’t I be more positive? Fact of the matter is, you’ll always have my support but reality is reality. 80% of those who make resolutions fail by February; less than 8% actually see them all the way through. Every. Year. Not great odds. The real issue with resolutions is that they are thoughts, emotional ones at that. Thoughts with no plan, no direction, or no real goal. I am here to tell you that none of this has to be fantasy. It indeed can be a reality. It has to begin though not as a thought but a course of action; a plan/statement as to what you’re actually going to do, not hope or when it’s convenient.

Best Foot Forward

My domain is exercise, nutrition, and health so let’s first start with that. If you’re going to start exercising but haven’t exercised CONSISTENTLY in the last two months – STOP! Starting an exercise program in January is no different than starting one in October. If you didn’t have the intentions then, you won’t have them now. Think of just getting moving. May be it’s a walk at lunch time; a few calisthenics upon waking up; just spending more time not sitting. Eventually you may find yourself seeking more activity, or may be not. The point here is that it becomes something coming out of an action, not a thought. Want to lose weight? Stop with the following of diet plans, potions, programs that promise quick, easy solutions. They don’t care whether you succeed. In fact, they’re counting on you not so you’re susceptible to their marketing again next year. Begin with small, achievable changes like adding a glass of water to your day; eat out less, pack food more; stop giving up foods and embrace eating more. Understand that eating is a means to survival, not an evil activity to be shunned or treated like a plague. Improve your relationship with food/eating before you think of following any program. There are no metabolism resets, cleanses, or any ridiculous rituals to fixing something that no one has a handle on. Long term, sustainable weight loss is a daily activity, not a 6/8 week program.

Making Some Real Changes

Not all resolutions need to be exercise and/or nutrition based. Prove to yourself that first you can set something up, achieve it, and feel proud about seeing it all the way through. It has to start with a belief, not a thought or hope. Following are some ideas to do to get you started, pumped up about seeing the one thing that eludes you – accomplishment.

• Get more quality sleep
• Eat vegetables at every meal
• Meditate
• Spend more time outside
• Actually eat your fruit before it goes bad
• Get back in touch with old friends
• Don’t watch tv or use the computer during meals
• Stretch and improve your flexibility
• Drink herbal tea instead of coffee
• Concentrate on improving your posture
• Cook and prepare lunch instead of relying on processed foods
• Stop biting your nails
• Compliment someone every day
• Cut back on your sodium intake
• Regularly donate unworn and ill-fitting clothing to a local shelter
• Clean your pantry and throw out expired food each month
• Cut down on the amount of plastic you use each day
• Re-try foods that you hate, but haven’t eaten in years
• Delete a social media account
• Keep a journal

Til next time, train smart, eat well, and be better.

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