Age Is But A Number

Age IS just a number. It’s the number assigned to you to represent the number of years you have been alive on this Earth. That’s it! Some have higher ages than others, some younger. But here’s the thing. No matter how much you want to try and “slow” it down or “defy” it, it’s going to continue to grow. There is no stopping it. You’ve been aging since the day you were born – get over it! What you can control however is your mentality and attitude about it. If you think you’re old, well, then you’re old. But what if you were to take a moment and see your age as it is, just a number, and live your life to the fullest and tackle each day as it it was your last. I wish to share with you the story of a client who does just that.

Meet Dr. Tucker

Two yeas ago I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Tucker. He lives in Florida most of the year but spends his late spring and summers here as well as the holidays. When I first met Carey as he’s known, he was looking for a trainer to keep up with his newly started workout regimen that began in Florida per his doctor’s recommendation. He had started with a trainer in Florida and wanted to keep it up with someone qualified to do so here in Pennsylvania. He was referred to me by his daughter who knew of me and my reputation. The union had been set and shows no signs of ending! Carey’s approach to exercise is much like an ambitious twenty something. He arrives for his session about thirty minutes in advance to get some quality time on the elliptical trainer (his preferred cardiovascular exercise of choice). Then we get into our session which may look something like this:

• Dynamic movement prep and/or core work
• Combinations of upper and lower body strengthening exercises, everything from squats, lunges (his favorite), DB chest presses, pulldowns, rows, etc.
• A variety of accessory work such as exercises for the biceps, triceps, shoulders, etc.
• Randomly selected “athletic” moves such as ladder drills, plyometrics, suspension training, etc.

The really cool thing about working with Carey? He never makes excuses for his age. In fact, there are many times he’s the one asking for another set, rep, or weight increase. I’m not kidding but I’m more than happy to oblige. He demands a lot from me but demands even more from himself. He knows his limits and what he can do as well as being able to take it a step further at times. Many could learn a valuable a lesson about exercise and how to best approach it from Carey and through all the sweat and fatigue, it’s way better in the end than the alternative.

Exercising and Age

Carey is someone who gets it. Of course things are going to be harder than they were twenty, thirty, or even 40 years ago. But exercise no matter what the method ever loses its effectiveness. It’s all about physical movement. Period. We simply don’t get enough and many as they age will avoid it because they’re “old”. However you get it and keep with it consistently will pay huge dividends. It’s not about what you used to be able to do but what you can do right now, regardless of your age. Exercise is not age selective; mindset is. Always keep in mind that the only one who places limits on yourself is you. Keep a strong, fresh mind and you will remain forever young.

By the way, Carey is 74.

Til next time, train smart, eat well, and be better.



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