Must See TV – Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

food revolution largeI know I’m of the minority but I absolutely can not stand “Reality TV”, and yes, that includes The Biggest Loser.  These shows are so choreographed and unreal yet millions find them compelling and insightful as to what it must be like to be the people on these shows.  Well, I have found one that is truly gripping, educational, and very real into what’s going on in our society.  And I can’t recommend enough that you at least check it out.

Let the Revolution Begin

Jamie Oliver, of the “Naked Chef” fame on the Food Network, currently has a show on ABC called Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  In the show, he has come to America, Huntington, West Virginia (alleged fattest and highest mortality rate in U.S.) precisely, to teach and educate people on how to eat and cook properly.  Jamie’s quest was to begin a revolution in the way people think about eating and what they eat by primarily going after the most influential source to infiltrate – the American public school system.  I had made mention to the show in an earlier post a few weeks ago titled a “Real Nutritional Problem” in which school children couldn’t even identify everyday common produce. I haven’t stopped watching since.

Highlights and Lowlights

With its upcoming 5th episode (ABC, Fridays @ 9pm), a lot has happened for the good, although it wasn’t always easy changing the minds of the very narrow minded. Here are a few of the highlights and lowlights:

  • One woman feeds her family nothing but “tan” food – pizza, pasta, chicken nuggets, chicken patties, donuts; as a result, the entire family is obese and the 12 year old son is 318 lbs! Jamie buried her deep fryer in her backyard.
  • A popular morning radio host was as bull headed as they come, completely pessimistic that Jamie could do nothing that would help the city of Huntington or America for that matter.  That all changed when he visited a mortuary that displayed caskets for the morbidly obese and heard the stories of the teens that Jamie had already began to positively influence.
  • Jamie showed a group of kids how chicken nuggets were made (you have to see it to believe it) and they still wanted to eat them!
  • The lunch ladies at the elementary school truly believed that they cook and distribute healthy lunches and when put to the task of preparing real food, still think their way is best.  But they’re coming around.
  • A school board that follows so closely to the state’s “nutritional guidelines” that Jamie’s lunch of a vegetable stir fry and roast chicken wasn’t enough of a vegetable serving as compared to their “guidelines approved” french fry portion.  Yes, french fries were considered a vegetable. Unbelievable.
  • The children in that first episode who couldn’t identify the vegetables had no problem identifying them when Jamie cam back

Must See TV

I could go on, but it’s really worth the look.  If you’ve missed any of the episodes and want to check it out, you can view back episodes on line.  Like the radio host, most of us don’t want to believe that any of this healthy eating is really that necessary or that we eat healthy enough for none of this to pertain to us.  Bottom line is: it does. And it’s not until it’s too late that anyone seems to do or care anything about it.  All it takes is a little effort.

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