My Top 10 Most Useless Pieces of Exercise Equipment – #5 The Ab Circle

(This is a 10 part series in which I am reviewing some of the products sold as exercise equipment, fitness solutions, etc. on infomercials, magazine ads, and cable shopping networks.  Unlike most of the ads for these products, this isn’t based on a double blind, major university backed study.  It is simply my professional opinion based on my fitness experience and knowledge in the hopes that it will save you some time, aggravation and money.)

AB_Circle_Pro1The Ab Circle

Abdominals are what it’s all about I guess.  Forget about the decreased blood pressure, decreased risk of diabetes (among the hundreds of other diseases exercise improves the chances of not succumbing to) decreased chance of depression and anxiety, increased energy….I could go on with the real benefits to exercise.  Perhaps it’s that they’re not as glamorous as the appeal of a chiseled six pack. Unfortunately, the real problem with that line of thinking is that the ultimate cost to dealing with the multitudes of maladies that could have been prevented as a result of an active lifestyle fails largely in comparison to the small satisfaction of having a mostly unattainable bit of vanity. Case in point, I present you the Ab Circle.

Going in Circles

To me, watching infomercials is like watching a bad train wreck.  I can’t stand to watch but I can’t look away either.  As a result, I either laugh hysterically or am so amazed that people actually fall for this junk that I get fueled to write a series such as this one. I wholeheartedly believe that it is this constant spewing of fitness junk that has the masses so confused about what real exercise is all about that whatever comes out next is going to be the answer everyone’s been waiting for. Oh boy!

The Perfect Ingredients

Let’s face it.  Nothing sells fitness more than a scantily clad man or woman strolling or working out by the beach.  Add a widget and you have yourself a top selling product.  If you’ve been following the previous posts, you should understand by now how the abdominals work, what their true function is, and the deceptive concept of spot reduction.  With the exception of a really bad commercial, the Ab Circle does nothing more than provide a ride the whole family can enjoy; or at least the average beach bum.

My advice.  Anything that is sold to make abdominal training more fun and easy is like saying you can eat healthy at a fast food restaurant.  Who are you kidding?

Stay tuned for future posts with my top 4-1.

Til next time, train smart, eat well, and be better.

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