Patience is a Virtue

Well, here we are. Just about through the first month of the year and if you started the New Year with plans to better your health perhaps with some exercise, I’ve got some news for you. If you’re not committed and I mean truly committed save yourself the time and aggravation and stop now. As much as that kills me to say, there’s no point in wasting your time. I want you to succeed and you of course would love to succeed but true success only comes to those who put their nose down, make no excuses, and are willing to go above and beyond the normal. If you think that’s you, then please read on.

You’re Just Not Getting It

Exercise in all its forms is good. There are exercises best suited to what you’re trying to accomplish but the bottom line is all physical activity is good. Exercise is only the means, therefore never deserves the bad rap some will give it. If you ever thought that the exercise failed you, I will quickly counter that you failed the exercise. How do I know that? Let’s look at an example. Say a particular exercise (individual or program) was just not a good fit for you yet thousands of others have used it to much success. Is the exercise the problem? No, but for you perhaps it was. May be it was too complex or technical or may be it was just really hard. Was it something at your current level of fitness that you have no business doing? Exercise is an activity that has many levels across all populations. You must be able to put your ego aside and begin at a level that best suits you now. Not where you’d like it to be. Now. Not respecting exercise is an admittance to not truly knowing what you’re doing and that right there is a real problem.

It Will All “ Work Out”

Exercise never has nor ever will cause changes overnight. If you start to exercise regularly and with consistency you will begin to see positive changes in a little over a month. And that’s with regularity and consistency. Exercise is a stress albeit a good stress and one that your body has to adapt to. And it will, just not as quickly as you’d like, I can guarantee that. This is when a very strong virtue of patience is required. Forget what you’ve been told or heard through the media outlets. There’s nothing “quick”, “fast”, or “sudden” about exercise except perhaps your walking away from it. Exercise requires effort, work, and the ability to take the good days with the bad days. Anyone who exercises with regularity such as myself can tell you that. So how do you keep a positive, patient frame of mind when you start exercising but find yourself at that same point that you were at last year and the many years before? You have to be able to identify your “why” and your “why” is what will keep things in perspective when perhaps your perspective is lost.

Allow me to share my “why” with you:

• First and foremost, there’s that thing called my health. Control what I can control rather than let fate decide.
• I enjoy it so why not do something I enjoy. I realize that gets lost on most, but I enjoy the movement, how it makes me feel and when I miss it, how it also makes me feel.
• Those that mean the world to me are better with me in their lives so I will continue to do my best at staying in their lives.
• I want to continue to be a role model, not a celebrity model type. I want to be the one that others look up to.

Most of all, none of it is possible without patience. I am an extremely patient person as I believe that comes from practicing it consistently throughout my life. You too can learn patience with practice over time, as it will serve you well.

Til next time, train smart, eat well, and be better.

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