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The Follow Through

In sports, the follow through is the complete execution of a movement. (i.e. a golf swing, basketball shot, etc.). In the business world, the follow through is the series of events from concept to completion. So what do the both have in common? An action which is dependent on a clear series of events leading up to a specific outcome. In the world of health and fitness, the one thing generally escaping most is the follow through, no matter what the goal. Any goal, no matter big or small, doesn’t happen by chance. It requires a focused attention to what’s most important at that moment, and that’s where the follow through falls apart.


Excuses – the bane of our existence. Everyone makes them and they’re all bad. The only person the excuse means anything to is the one making the excuse.”But I can’t.” “ But I have to…” But I have to see…” “But I don’t.” On and on. Fill in the blanks with whatever you want but in the end they represent nothing but an unwillingness to commit to the process, to follow through. Things in life happen BUT if you’re in a constant behavior of making excuses, making “buts”, you’ll never achieve what you had originally set out to do. There’s no magic there and luck is not something that happens by chance. It’s your mindset, your work, your focus, and your dedication that makes it all happen.

The Process

Let’s say you want to lose a few pounds. You might start by deciding to exercise and eat better. Good start. Then it happens. There’s little to no change on the scale. Exercise all of the sudden becomes a burden. The best eating habits only exist may be 3-4 days a week. Pretty soon you’re back to square one except square one is now heavier than before. Where did it go wrong? First, eating better is more than just substituting salads for meals or skipping whole meals or eliminating macronutrients. Secondly, exercise, or physical movement, is great but it’s also not the magic elixir that most assume it to be. Both require a conscientious commitment to change, doing things differently than you’ve done before. They are not to be compartmentalized and treated as something you do short term. They are both individual processes themselves that require the respect they each deserve. Do anything short term or “cheat” the process, and you will fail 100% of the time, and that’s a big no ifs, ands, or buts!

Change It All Now

A concept most people can’t or don’t come to terms with is that they are 100% in charge of their lives. Again the doubters emerge and will say “Yes, but”, or “You don’t understand.” Actually, I know all I need to know. The phrase “you are what you eat” is true on so many levels. Only you can make the change. Only you can make the laser focus. Only you can commit to what you deem as important. Anything short of that and you’ll never escape. The really good news is that it all can change right now. It doesn’t have to move mountains or be an ultimatum. It just needs to begin with the belief that it can change. Right there and you’re already ahead in the follow through.

Til next time, train smart, eat well, and be better.

Achieving the Unlimited

take-a-risk-to-achieve-successAbout this time six months ago, we were beginning our journey into the unknown frontier of the year 2005.  We set up goals, declared some resolutions, perhaps even made a few promises.  Of course, you may have done nothing of the sort and six months later, you are right where you started as if you never took that first step.  Do you ever stop to think about what you really could accomplish if you put your mind to it?  Or, are you willing to spend the rest of your life content with mediocrity?

The days, the weeks, the months, the years – they just all seem to appear to run away from us at a faster pace. We wonder where we will be in a few years.  We talk about the things we would like to do, the things we would like to have, or the things we would like to accomplish.  All the while, we spend our time watching the parade go by and critiquing those we feel get “lucky” or have all the opportunities go their way. We have all heard the expression, “right place, right time.” Are you just willing to wait for the “right place, right time” or are you willing to take action and make that opportunity happen for you?

In our daily schedules, we tend to focus our time and energy on the things we consider to be the most important to us.  The only problem amidst all of those things we hold near and dear to our hearts is that we quickly lose site of “the” most important thing – ourselves!  The truth is that without ourselves, nothing else matters.  We make our own choices. We choose our own actions.  We determine the path we want to follow.

Simply stated, when it all boils down there is nothing that we can not do.  To do so however, requires a certain state of mind.  It’s not as simple as writing it down (although that helps) and sticking to a plan.  It requires determination, optimism, a clear focus, and an unyielding passion to accomplish the task.  Many people set goals all the time, but a goal without determination, optimism, focus, and passion is just a set of words with no real meaning.

  • Determination is not about saying you are going to do something.  Rather, it is a commitment to accomplish something no matter how difficult the task and when the pieces fall apart, it’s the glue that puts it back together.
  • Optimism is not just positive thinking.  It is a continuing belief that where there is a will, there is a way and that you will ultimately get there somehow.
  • Focus is no good if it is unclear.  Just like a lens on a camera, you can focus on the object you want to shoot, but if the focus is not clear, the picture will be blurred and distorted.
  • Passion is not a passing emotion.  It is a blend of eternal and devoted feelings towards achieving the steps and actions necessary to bring about the desired outcome.

While most would agree that in order to succeed, all four traits must be present, there is always an “X” factor to thwart our progress.  For most, the accomplishment of achieving the unlimited is greatly hindered when we decide that we already know all there is to achieve the goal.  One of life’s greatest lessons is to be able to use what we have learned from past experiences to influence future decisions, yet be humble enough to realize how little we truly know.  Humility is not always easy to swallow, but when you are truly dedicated to achieving something far greater than ever expected, it is an invaluable tool for the journey.

If you find yourself stuck in a rut in any phase of your life, remember that to achieve the unlimited, you need only to believe in yourself and your own capabilities. The sky is the limit so why not aim high? Be realistic but don’t be afraid to stick it out there either.  The chance you never take may be the opportunity you will certainly miss.   To quote George Washington Carver, “99% of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.”

Featured in July 2005 Issue of 422 Business Advisor