Why Is Fitness So Hard?

Fitness has multiple definitions. There’s mental fitness, emotional fitness, fiscal fitness etc. Of course, the one I’m most qualified to speak on is physical fitness, which also has several different types. There’s muscular fitness, aerobic fitness, joint fitness, and so on. But when or why did obtaining physical fitness become so hard? So much that it deters so many people from achieving it.

Bad Beginnings

For all one knows it goes back as far as elementary school when most are introduced to physical play. Now, most people are born within an active lifestyle. If you have or have had children I’m sure you would agree. But then we go to school and we’re taught gym or physical education class. Personally, I always loved gym class, but I know many people did not. Maybe it was their instructor or they didn’t like the idea of getting hot and sweaty after they were already dressed and showered. Maybe it was intimidating to them or they felt inadequate. When you’re having to perform physical tasks in front of others it can be quite discouraging. It could be that their first experience in a gym was horrifying. Perhaps they were injured badly doing a routine exercise that has either scared them emotionally or worse, physically harmed them. Whatever the reason may be, the real shame is that fitness is and should be a way of life, no different than breathing.

The Wrong Idea

There are literally hundreds of ways you can become physically fit. From health clubs to classes to home gym equipment to hobbies that just get you moving – the possibilities are endless. Yet somewhere along the way we forget that all we need to do is just move! We wait until January 1st to start working out. We exercise because it’s beach season. We workout for weeks prior to a vacation, wedding, or reunion and then return to our normal lifestyle. We exercise only because our doctor said so. We exercise to “kill” time. All of these reasons usually end in a complete cessation to exercise in general. We blame the exercise for not working. We get “ caught up” in everyday life. We claim to have no time. We endlessly search for the one thing that we’ll keep us motivated when in reality the motivation must come from within.

It’s Not That Hard

At its root, it’s insanely easy. Physical fitness is something that will occur from just moving. All movement is pretty much better than nothing. Walking slowly is better than sitting on the couch. Walking an hour a day changes your life forever and it will cost you nothing. Take things just a step further such as adding in some weights a few times a week and move a little bit more on the other days. Lifting weights a few days a week adds years of style, mobility and possibilities to your life. Learn the difference between a box of over processed food items with a heart healthy label on it and fresh, whole food. Don’t follow the latest “diet” plan or fad. Those change and are introduced routinely. That alone should start to tell you something. Of course the alternative is not as attractive, but it usually wins out. Many of us make it hard because we don’t want to change. If you want to change how you look and how you feel, it really isn’t that complicated. You are who you are because that is who you choose to be.

Til next time, train smart, eat well, and be better.

2 thoughts on “Why Is Fitness So Hard?”

  1. I read a theme….just move. Some day we may be in a wheelchair or using a cane or bedridden. Some take it for granted. I try not to!

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