12 Days of Fitness 2017: Day 1 – Top 10 Reasons Why People Don’t Exercise


(This is part 1 of a 12 part series to provide you with some helpful health and fitness tips over the holiday season)

The holidays: a time for loving, sharing, giving, and receiving. It is also a time where priorities shift and we become engulfed in the season. For many, the season is just another time of year where exercise time might be compromised but never missed. However, for most it becomes yet another excuse for skipping or missing workouts. After all, January 1 is right around the corner. So the holidays become an excuse now but when happens when they are over? See if you are guilty of one of these reasons and maybe, just maybe, we can change that.

  1. No time in my busy schedule. Classic. Everyone does not have the time for what they don’t value to be important. If it’s important, if it’s a priority, you DO make the time. One of my favorite quotes of the year was, “Do you know what the most dedicated people and the laziest people have in common? The same 24 hours!”
  2. No energy, lack of discipline. No or low energy is a sign that your nutrition is poor. Lack of discipline is a mindset shift. Improve your nutrition (not dieting) and set a realistic expectation on yourself.
  3. Not enjoyable. There are countless ways to create physical movement. Find one, something, anything that you enjoy and can see doing all the time. Don’t rely on doing what you think you should do. Just do it!
  4. Expense of equipment, clothes, or membership. Want to dress it up, look the part, be able to brag to your friends? Go for it. But when it comes down to it, all you need is a body. That’s it! Nothing else.
  5. Distance / inconvenience. This might be the only real legitimate excuse. Research has proven that anything beyond 12 minutes of travel time is a good distractor for many. Even then, outfit your home with some basic equipment; do bodyweight training; get outdoors; make it work.
  6. Boredom / lack of variety. No one said you had to stick with something that does nothing for you. Change it up. Do something different at regular intervals. (See #3) Have fun with it and see it not as a chore but something that will make you feel better.
  7. Injury / health problems / chronic physical discomfort. Injuries and health issues are not to be taken lightly. However, when they become the crux of why you don’t exercise as opposed to the reason why you should exercise, you wind up wasting time and waiting for the perfect moment to begin. Hint: there is no perfect time to begin
  8. Embarrassment / social discomfort. Most of us who exercise regularly began just like you – intimidated, scared, or embarrassed. What you really need to understand and appreciate is that most don’t care about what you’re doing. They’re quietly happy to see you doing something, taking care of yourself. You are one of the few.
  9. Lack of understanding of the benefits of exercise. In today’s world where information is merely at your fingertips, there’s simply no excuse for not knowing the how or why. Seek the help of a professional to guide you along the way.
  10. Apathy. No one sees something as valuable until it is taken away from them. With exercise, there are no guarantees but with the short investment of time and energy on your part consistently, you CAN control the quality of your life.

See you tomorrow for Day 2 of the 12 Days of Fitness

Til next time, train smart, eat well, and be better.




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